Workflow Enhancements for Note Added Trigger

March 9, 2022

Hey, it’s Melanie from the dev team with some updates for you regarding the workflow builders using the note added trigger.

If you’re using the note added trigger I want to show you a couple of things you can now do with the workflow actions first is if we add an internal notification action you’ll notice that you can go ahead and set this up however you’d like and from the custom values you can actually choose the note description to include you could also do this for something like an email or sms as well another option is if you’re doing a workflow action using a web hook the web hook will include the note data in the body of course once you’ve set up your workflow you’ll want to save any changes and then you’ll be all set that’s all for now and of course I’ll share more updates as we keep releasing new features have a great day.

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