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Major Product Update: Client Portal

January 16, 20242 min read

Sean here, excited to announce a major update. We have already made some updates in this area that I want to point out to you.

It's called the client portal, and depending on the plan you're on inside Attractzen, you'll see it when you go under "sites."

The client portal is the future home of everything for your clients. As a business, you now have a portal for your clients where you can have private communities, house documents, invoices, receipts, and even run your affiliate management system inside.

Let me show you what it looks like when you go into the client portal.

Video Overview:

You can set this up on a custom domain under "settings" and "domain setup." There are some DNS settings in there. Additionally, under "settings," you can go under "branding" and choose colors, put in your logos and upload other branding elements. We can do this for you if you need assistance.

Now, you have a portal URL where your clients can log in. They will receive an email and password initially to log in. If they forget their password, they can click on "forgot password" and receive an email to reset it. They can choose a new password without needing to know their old one.

When they log in, they will be taken to the discussion area. If you haven't set these up before, as an administrator, you can go in and set up different communities and groups under the gears icon. I suggest starting with just one for your clients. In the discussion area, they can also click on "learning" to access all the courses and other learning materials you provide.

All of these features will also be available in an upcoming mobile app for your clients to download.

Additionally, we have recently introduced a welcome screen where they can have a profile and access their affiliate earnings if you have an affiliate system set up. They can access all of these areas from inside the client portal. We are calling it the "hub," but you can choose any name you prefer.

All of this is within the client portal under "sites." It will eventually become the umbrella for the membership area where you have courses and communities.

You can also issue certificates for completing certain courses. You can send someone a magic link to automatically log in or invite them to the client portal by sending a login email.

There are numerous uses for this feature, so I encourage you to take advantage of it. It can replace other platforms like Kajabi or Meet(dotso) for various purposes.

In summary, it's like having your own private Facebook group, which is really exciting. We will be using this update ourselves. Please let us know if you have any questions, and see you in the next video.

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Sean Goerss

Sean is most recently a Co-Founder of Attractzen - a recruiting and retention software for real estate brokers, recruiters, and attractors. Sean was co-founder in 2020 of Thrive Network, one of the top organizations at eXp Realty. Sean was formerly CEO and Founder of 14 Moves, the #13 team in the World with Keller Williams Realty, and #31 Team in the World across all brokerages as ranked by RealTrends. Sean grew up in real estate, helping to build the family real estate team to top in their market of Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota, and eventually the top team in Minnesota and the Midwest.

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