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April 20, 2022

Hey, it’s Melanie from the dev team with an update for you regarding the history section of the workflow builder.

Within a workflow you can tab over to this history section to view a history of the action logs for your workflow now there may be instances where you’ve made updates or changes to the workflow and an older version had actions that may no longer be in the workflow so it can look a little bit confusing as to the status of somebody’s actions in the workflow an action that occurred or did not occur and we’ve now made it a bit easier for you to tell this information so I actually just came into this workflow and made one small change to save it so that basically everything in here is an older version so that I can show you what this looks like even just minutes ago um these contacts here that were put through the workflow on April 4th at 6:28 AM this is now an older version of the workflow so let’s click in here into this one we can see under the event details this execution is from an older version of the workflow so maybe I’ve made some changes to the steps the order of them the actual actions that are there the triggers etc, and this could look confusing like wait a minute why did this happen why did this not happen we’ve now made it a bit easier with this banner message indicating that this is from an older version of the workflow which will hopefully help you keep better track of this information within your system that’s all for now and of course I’ll have more updates for you soon thank you.

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