Workflow Contact Attribution Variables

March 29, 2022

Hey, it’s Melanie from the dev team with some updates for you in the workflow builder.

We now have contact attribution variables in the if else condition for your workflows this means you can report attribution to the correct source based on either the first or last attribution variables for contacts so just for context the first attribution is how a contact first came into your system and then the last attribution is the last or latest or most recent way the contact came to your system so let’s take a look here at this now here in my workflow I have a trigger for an incoming call and I have the call direction set here as incoming under the status so that is all set and then down here I have my if else condition that I’ve named is this a google ad I’ve chosen here from all of the list of different options and there are various options if you scroll down to contact first attribution or contact last attribution so i have chosen to select session source the last attribution is a paid search of course you can select whatever you’d like here and then make sure to save the action and then you can choose the yes path and the no path so maybe if the option is yes and this is a google ad then you want to add in a google adwords action here you can do whatever you’d like with this workflow this is just one example and we hope that utilizing the attribution will be helpful and useful for you in your system that’s all for now and of course I’ll have more updates for you soon thanks.

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