Smartlist Updates

March 9, 2022

Hello, it’s Melanie from the dev team with a quick update for you today for the contact section of your system we have made an update to the look and feel of the more filters section within your contacts.


You may be familiar with if you create and save smart lists of different filtered contacts so let’s take a look at this now we’re here on the contact screen and on the right-hand side we can click into more filters and we still have all the same filters available you may just notice that the list looks different than it used to there’s now this scrollable list with a search field at the top whereas it used to be more of a drop-down list and just had a little bit of a different look and feel to it so I can type in here name and then I can see the most used options that I’ve previously used I can see all of the contact information options and I can see the custom field options anything that has the word name in it so I can determine if I now want to sort by you know business name first name last name, etc.


So here I’m going to use business name and then I can choose is not empty or is not empty and can further filter this out so if I want to do business name is you know ABC, INC, or is not ABC, INC, or the field is empty or it’s not empty and then I can apply that filter and then I can add a new filter and I can say their email is empty or is not empty apply that and then you can start to see here visually how you’re building the multiple filters that you’re going to use and then at the bottom here you can save this as a smart list super creative I know and then you just click save and then that smart list will now be saved here on the top of your screen and then you can always click back into that smart list and make further changes if you’d like so smart lists have already existed they’ll continue to exist we’ve just made some changes to what it looks like here on the right hand side to make it a bit more user-friendly as you search for filters and then add one or multiple filters and then you can see here how easy it is to edit a filter by clicking the edit icon or delete a filter by using the trash can icon it’s as easy as that to create and save your smart list using the filters that’s all for now and of course I’ll have more updates for you soon.

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