Moving Actions in Workflow

March 29, 2022

Hey, it’s Melanie from the dev team with an update for you in the workflow builder regarding moving individual actions or series of actions. 

If you want to move a workflow action you can hover over it click the three dots, and from the menu click move and then move action or move all actions from here. If you select move action you can choose move here, etc. and you just click where you want to move the action to click into the blank space on the side to go ahead and cancel this if you’re not interested in actually following through with moving that action now let’s say I scroll down here and I want to move a series of actions maybe I want to move everything from email to down I can hover over that action and go to the move menu click into that menu and click move all actions from.

Here you’ll now see that everything selected in green is the action that I clicked on plus all of the corresponding actions afterwards and again you’ll see the move here options where I can move that series of actions too of course once you click to move here the actions will be moved and then you’ll want to confirm any changes save them before you publish and utilize the workflow it’s as easy as that to move individual actions or groups of actions within your workflow builder as you’re making changes hopefully this will save you some time as you make adjustments that’s all for now and of course, I’ll have more updates soon thanks.


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