Membership One Click Upsell

May 12, 2022

Hey, It’s melanie from the dev team with a quick update for you regarding the membership section of your system.

You can now create an upsell offer to add so if you navigate to your memberships and offers here you can create a new offer you’ll see here in my example I have some demo offers that i have and i’ve also created an upsell offer if you click into create offer here you can create an offer and title it something like upsell or upsell offer or something like that then if you come into your membership you will come over here to upsell and if you click this little information icon you can read what is an upsell you can use upsells to generate additional income using the one-click deals directly after the first purchase is made so this can help you increase the revenue for your business so here i’m in my demo course and i’d like to add an upsell i’ve already created the upsell offer i’m going to click into the upsell here then i’m going to click add an upsell now i can choose from the offers that I’ve already created and again i’ve already created this offer called upsellso i’m going to select this one here i’m going to click add upsell offer and this will now add that offer into my system i can use these drop down menus for detail body and checkout to expand these options here for customization and then i need to make sure to switch this to active so that it’s activated and then save this i can also click preview if i’d like to preview what it will look like for members that are using this page it’s as easy as that to create an upsell product you can always edit customize or delete it later if you’d like and it’s as easy as that to use the upsell to increase your revenue for your business that’s all for now and i’ll have more updates soon thanks.

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