How to Create a Smart List

March 3, 2022

Hello, so this is how you create a smart list, go to contacts, and as you can see we have an existing smart list here so let’s create another one. 

So for this one um these are the all possible filter cut grade like age is less than more than one year so but I’ll teach you on how to filter out specific tags like search it tag and this will show up and this ID condition tag is not empty that is empty or select a specific tag right here or any do that and or is not like yeah it’s not so but usually we use tag yes and the time you want to filter for those contacts so for example so for this one example at active underscore up or and done and so it will show up those conduct that has tagged up and you could what you can do is and or if you want to add another tag specific like if they have this tag and the other tag you could do though you could do this you could add multiple time so yeah as you can see the result is uh that’s found no items found because you we don’t have a contact that has this two tags so yeah so it will not allow you to you view any conduct so let’s try up and yes as you can see we have one so yeah that’s how you create a filter so now we will create a smart list so this is the smart list filter that we created so what you want to do is click this ad icon right here it means we will save this filter so we could just click any of these smart pieces it, after this smart list will show up right there.

So for example let’s just put some on like this and then right there we have a smart list already and if you want to add a new filter with this smart list just do this yeah like that and then make sure to close it so you won’t mess up with the filter that you just did and make sure you click this might manage my list and show share it to everyone so everybody would able to see it basically that’s how we create a smart list.

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