Funnel Version History

March 8, 2022

Hey, it’s Melanie from the dev team with a quick update for you in the funnel builder.

You can now visit old versions of the funnel and you can also restore old versions so here within the funnel builder I’m on this funnel page and maybe I’ve saved some changes but I’ve changed my mind and I’d like to go back to an older version now I can do so in the top right corner I just need to click on versions and then here there is a list of all the previous versions of the funnel I can see that version three is the current version and if I click into two or one I’ll be able to preview these other versions as well once I’ve chosen a version maybe I want to go all the way back to version number one I can click restore version up here in the top right and I can restore that version of the funnel builder now I have that version 1 restored and I can go ahead and make any more changes that I like and I can save and it will now be version 4.

That’s all for now and of course I’ll share more updates as we keep releasing new features for you have a great day.

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