Funnel Speed Enhancements

March 8, 2022

Hello, it’s Melanie from the dev team with a quick update for you regarding funnels.

I don’t have anything to visually show you at this time but I wanted to let you know we’ve made some behind the scene enhancements to the funnels to make sure that the pages are working more quickly and loading faster so that your users will have a better experience when they’re visiting your funnel pages and your sites so when you access your funnel pages you may notice this your users or visitors to your pages will notice this as well um so I just wanted to let you know that quick update again I don’t really have anything to visually show you here but we have made some great behind-the-scenes enhancements to make sure that the funnel pages are loading as quickly as possible to make sure that people visiting your funnel pages have a great experience that’s all for now and of course I’ll share more updates as we keep releasing new features for you I’ll talk to you soon.

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