Folders in Email Builder

March 15, 2022

Hello, It’s Melanie from the dev team with a quick update for you regarding the email builder section of your system you may notice that there is now a feature where you can add folders for your email builder. 

So if you have multiple templates and you want to be able to organize them and sort them you can now create and utilize these folder so you can just click this create folder button up here in the right corner type in the name of the folder and click create and that folder will be created for you and then you can always move items from one folder to another you can move them out of a folder just back into the regular list of emails here if you don’t want them to be housed within a folder and this will just allow you to be a bit more organized as you create and save more templates for the email builder you may also notice under this type section here it’ll show folder html and builder this is just giving you a little bit of a preview as we move away from the old html builder that some of you were using we have brought those emails over into this email builder um so it will show you if it was originally created in the older version um emails that were created in the builder but they’re now all housed here within the email builder section and then of course these two up here at the top are a folder because they’re folders for additional emails so you could click into that folder and then view any emails that are housed within this folder although at this time I don’t quite have any in there yet but I could always add them if you come over to the actions tab here you can always move an item to a folder if I wanted to move this template into a folder I could do so and then I could always move it out of a folder later and then you can also search here for individual emails that are housed within the regular list of emails or housed within a folder as well so just keep that in mind that’s all for now and of course I’ll share more updates as we keep releasing new features for you have a great day.

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