Email Builder Update for Statistics

March 8, 2022

Hello, it’s Melanie from the dev team with a quick update for you regarding the email builder and statistics.

if you come here into your email builder and all of your list of templates that you have you may notice that when you click into the row for an email you’ll see this menu pop up on the right-hand side with edit clone or actions and when you click the actions drop-down there is now an option to click into statistics and then here in this pop-up that appears you’ll be able to see all of the statistics for that particular email, of course, I don’t really have any statistics for this one since it’s just a sample but you’d be able to see all the percentages updated here the number of recipients the open rate percentage and everything else here that is relevant to that email and then you can just click back um exit here and then click back into another email click statistics and view the same information for another email as well that’s all for now and of course, I’ll share more updates as we have more features for you have a great day.

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