Email Builder Clean Ups

March 8, 2022

Hey, it’s Melanie with a couple of updates for you in the email builder just a few small things that we’ve cleaned up in the system to make it a little bit easier for you to use.

If you are editing some text or something here in the email builder you may notice that the custom values dropdown has been reordered a bit and it’s just in the same order that it is in other areas of the system from triggers to campaigns or anything else just so that it’s a bit more user friendly so it’s now in the same order as it is in all other areas of the system and then trigger links are now sorted in alphabetical order so that it makes it easier if you have multiple trigger links you can now find them more easily because they’re sorted in ABC order so hopefully these couple of cleanup items help you be able to use the email builder in a more user-friendly way that’s all for now and of course, I’ll keep sharing more updates as we have them for you have an awesome day.

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