Eliza Appointment Booking Bot Workflow Updates

April 19, 2022

Hey, it’s Melanie from the dev team with some updates for you in the workflow builder regarding the appointment booking bot we’re adding this action.

For example in the workflow builder previously this wasn’t completely customizable now it is so if you come here and you can check or uncheck this send first message icon this is going to be checked by default and then here there is a question message that you can customize if you uncheck or deselect that then you can move on to this next checkbox don’t let the bot send the appointment confirmation message check the box if you don’t want the bot to send the confirmation message upon successfully booking the appointment this just gives you further options to be able to customize the workflow and the messaging for your system you can use the default options or not it’s completely up to you so let’s say I check this box now and then I have the option to configure success message for the appointment booking take a look at this note here configure the success message to be sent once the appointment is successfully booked by the bot if no message is configured then the bot will stop processing messages upon successfully booking the appointment so again this just gives you further options for customization so let’s check this box here now I can choose from the template or customize this message this means I can update this to whatever I want this to say to say congratulations we’ve reserved your appointment on this day at this time we’ll call you to confirm your appointment we’ll send you a text to confirm your appointment whatever information you’d like to include here to customize this messaging experience then of course you want to make sure to click save action to save any changes you’ve made and then save and publish your workflow in order for this to function that’s all for now for these workflow updates and of course I’ll have more updates for you soon thank you.

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