Drip Mode Start Time

March 8, 2022

Hello, it’s Melanie from the dev team with a quick update for you regarding sending drip mode emails from the email builder and choosing your start day and time.

Previously you were only able to select a time that was on every quarter of the hour such as 6, 6, 15, 6, 30, 6, 45, 7, 7, 15, etcetera now you can customize the start time to a specific minute so here I’m going to the send or schedule section I’m choosing to send in drip mode and then I’m going to fill out all this information to start sending my batches on certain days of the week certain times etcetera, I can click in here and choose a specific time such as 4, 38, or 7, 26, whatever specific time I’d like this to be set for right now I have it at 4 38 and I’m just going to leave that as is but again you can type here and completely customize whatever you prefer and then of course you can send a test email or you can click review and send when you’re ready to start the drip mode that’s all for now and of course I’ll share more updates as we keep releasing new features have a great day.

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