DND Channels

May 17, 2022

Hey, it’s Melanie from the dev team with a quick update for you regarding contact records and the DND or do not disturb feature.

You may notice that when you navigate to a contact record and scroll down this left first panel there are now multiple options for enabling or disabling the DND you can check boxes to either enable or disable the DND for all channels or individual channels such as only email only SMS only google my business or only Facebook messenger you could also select multiple boxes maybe you want to opt them out or enable the DND for only email and SMS but keep them active within GMB and Facebook messenger or anything else like that you can go ahead and check one or multiple boxes here and then scroll down to the bottom and click save to confirm your changes to update a contact record keep in mind that if a contact unsubscribes from an email or an SMS or any other aspect of your system when they choose to unsubscribe it will automatically enable the DND for all channels but let’s say you have a contact record that unsubscribes from everything but lets you know that they do still want to receive Facebook messenger communications from you could manually opt them back in to the Facebook messenger communications by coming here to the DND for all channels and changing it to just check the boxes for email SMS and GMB and keeping the Facebook messenger option available so it’s as easy as that to make changes to enable or disable the DND or do not disturb for one or multiple channels within your system that’s all for now and I’ll have more updates soon thanks.

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