Custom Values Module Available in Audit Logs

May 12, 2022

Hello, it’s Melanie from the dev team with an update for you regarding the audit logs in your system.

You can see here that we have added another module for custom values thus you can select this right here from the drop down menu and you’ll actually be able to see right here because I just did one for the sake of this video um you can now use the custom values so you can see when it was created and then if it was updated so I actually just changed this from the value being awesome to amazing or vice versa but you can do whatever you want and you can now check that out here within the system utilizing the custom value module and you can see if it was added or if the value was changed you can see who it was done by you can see the date and time and everything else per usual within your audit logs that’s all for now and I’ll have more updates for you soon have an awesome day

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