Comments in Workflows

May 12, 2022

Hey, It’s Melanie from the dev team with a quick update for you regarding the workflow builder.

If you are in the workflow builder you may now notice that you have the option from this little drop down menu to add comments in your workflows so you can see here I’ve already added some comments just to show you what that looks like click into comments and you’ll see there’s two comments here so i wrote this is a comment great stuff and then the second comment another comment and i can add a comment here click save and the comment will be saved this can be useful for you to utilize comments if you are building workflows and collaborating with members of your team if you’re auditing your work and want to leave some notes to come back and review at another time or anything else that you’d like to do within your system this is going to be really helpful for you to be able to leave these comments right here directly within the workflow within each event you’ll notice here you can also customize the font you can add a link and you can even add emojis as well that’s all for now and I’ll save more updates for you soon have a great day.

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